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Zero hidden fees

No costs when you do not drive

Weekly transfers

Your partner


Discounts and benefits

Accounting service

Giving invoices

The most advantageous offer of cooperation with AsecoGo Partner in Poland.

As your cooperation partner between Bolt/Taxify-Uber, we take away from you the many responsibilities associated with bureaucracy and we will sign a contract with you that obliges us to pay your hard earned funds from Bolt/Taxify-Uber to your account or to your own hands in our branch. The cost you pay in cooperation with us is PLN 25 from your income. In the weeks in which you do not work and you do not drive, the fee is not charged.

The said fee includes


Accounting service


Legal suport




Weekly payouts


License of the carrier


Clear and transparent conditions

Weekly transfers

As a reliable company, we focus on regularity and accuracy in cooperation with you, which is why we guarantee transfers to your account or the cash of your remuneration from Bolt/Taxify-Uber every Wednesday.

Discounts on parts and car repairs, fuel discounts.

Your job is related to the continuous use of your vehicle, therefore, as a reliable company, we decided to help. Your car should be ready and efficient to drive and we are in good cooperation with a friendly workshop where you will help keep your car ready to work and you will not be plucked and pulled on unnecessary costs and fuel card will save you on refueling the car and will enable you discounts at the station.

A cheap solution for 25 PLN cooperation

The offer has been prepared for you and your wallets, minimizing clerical and tax problems. we have a lot of different benefits in our offer that will translate into your finances.

Legal suport

We strive to help you with any issue related to your work and we place the greatest emphasis on the peace of our drivers by providing them with legal support.

Start working today!

Minimal formalities, certain solutions, benefits

We offer comprehensive cooperation on the Bolt/Taxify-Uber platform without starting your own business and thanks to this you can save on monthly fees related to your own business (ZUS, taxes, accounting). Over 150 drivers in Poland have already gained in cooperation with us.

As a driver, you drive as much as you want and when you want, you set your schedule and you have no one over who will tell you anything. With us you do not incur any costs, if you do not drive, you will not pay a penny.

We direct this offer to all people capable of driving cars for 22 years and over 50. Anyone who wants to earn some extra money and earn some worthy income.

People with their own car and without a car because we have our own fleet of cars that you can rent from us.

In the interests of your business, we will take care of the necessary formalities for the development of your person.

Start cooperation and become a driver

Bolt – Become a driver on the Bolt Platform

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Uber – Become a driver on the Uber Platform

Click here to create your own account. After creating an account, you will be able to join a partner who will be your mediator. Remember to enter your partner’s relevant details on the right.

Then contact us by e-mail to find out about further activities required to obtain the title of a full-fledged driver.

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